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                                 ‘Be good sweet maid, and let who will be clever,

                                 Do noble things, not dream them all day long.’


These words are the first two lines of the second verse in a poem ‘A Farewell,’ written  by Charles Kingsley, (1819 – 1875).


It was fashionable when I was a little girl to ask everyone to write in an autograph book.


A friend of my mother’s, grey-haired, whiskery, lines from her mouth to her chin, making her look like a ventriloquist doll, wrote the lines in my book.

I was dismayed. How did she know I was a daydreamer, I had never met her before? Did she think I was lazy; had my mum said anything to her? Whatever the reason was, these lines stuck in my mind as the years passed.


She came to visit with my mum when I was in hospital in Macclesfield, Lancashire, U.K. having my tonsils out. ‘I left my tonsils in Macclesfield’, doesn’t have the same sentiment as ‘I left my heart in San Francisco’ somehow does it?


Anway, back to the quotation. When I began to write seriously the quotation came to mind. I may not have done many noble things throughout my life but I’m glad I am a daydreamer. Dreams nurture inspiration, which is a gift to any writer.