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I am sometimes asked from where I got my inspiration when I wrote my ‘Fallyn’ trilogy. (See my author’s page at https://www.amazon.com/author/kjrollinson). Well it all started when I went to an art class and a friend was drawing a very proud dragon, with half-furled wings, perched on a rock. I decided to write a short story of 500 words for her. I called my dragon Solo. As Fallyn says, ‘I called you Solo because you are alone, but you will grow up to be the strongest, proudest dragon of the lot.’


From the 500 word story it grew like Topsy, and ended up as my first novel ‘Fallyn and the Dragons’. Since then I have published the second book, ‘Fallyn in the Forbidden Land’ and the third book ‘Fallyn and the Sea Dragons’ will be published next year. My favourite character in the third book is Captain Black Bart, leader of a gang of pirates.


I am a member of Wordplay Writers’ Forum, which meets once a month. Michael Barton, who runs the group, is so inspirational and our guiding light and helps us to self-publish on CreateSpace and Amazon. Members were thrilled when we won the Anthology Award from the Writing Magazine, called ‘Shorts for Autumn.’


When I am not writing (usually very early in the morning when it is cooler), I enjoy the Spanish weather playing golf, swimming and line dancing.


It is a great life here in the sun. I have a holiday apartment, which I have let out for the past three years, but I have decided to move into it. I am not in any rush. I intend to move in over the next twelve months making the apartment my own by transferring personal bits and pieces from my house to the apartment. I’ll eventually put the house onto the market when I have moved into the apartment permanently.


I love the apartment – it is very near to the sea. It has a lovely promenade with a vista towards La Manga. I should get lots of inspiration for my writing then. I wonder what my two cats will think of their new home.